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garbert92386 [userpic]
Don't ever go to FSU!
by garbert92386 (garbert92386)
at July 10th, 2006 (10:20 pm)

current mood: annoyed

I'm an Accounting major. At FSU, the College of Business is the only college not required to have a minor. I want one. I want to minor in Finance. This wouldn't be a problem except the College of Business is also the only college that won't let you minor in something within the college. I have to go outside the College of Business to find a minor. I can minor in History, The Classics, or Philosophy, but I can't minor in Finance which is closely related to Accounting. Does this make sense to anyone?!!

jesheckahlynn [userpic]
by jesheckahlynn (jesheckahlynn)
at October 27th, 2005 (07:56 pm)

current mood: crushed
current song: Out of my league- Stephen Speaks

I hate my math teacher. He keeps going on about how "the answer obviously is..." When NONE of his freakin class understand him. Then we ask him what he's talking about and he dosen't even know. Not to mention he has worn the same pair of pants since th ebeginning of the quarter. I am all for old people working but seriously he needs to be in an old folks home. He can't even remember what he wrote on the board or when he assigns homework. which makes it impossible to turn in said homework because he says that he didn't assign it, so you don't get credit. He also puts on tests the very things he says won't be on them. He dosen't know how to use a computer apparently because all his tests are hand written and the copied at a weird angle on yellow paper.
I hate math. Why oh why do i have to take it?

??? [userpic]
by ??? (iamleaper)
at October 27th, 2005 (10:46 pm)

Okay. So I'm doing this photographic essay for a class. It's about women who play the tuba, to put it generally... more specifically, it's about the gendering of musical instruments. ("Boys don't play the flute, girls don't play the tuba", etc., and how that impacts those people (women in my study) who DO choose to play 'transgendered instruments'.)

However, it's a photographic essay, which means that I'm taking pictures of people. I'm also interviewing them... and since this involves humans, I have to go through this "human subjects release forms" process. I have to have my subjects fill out this thing that I turn in to the office. I also have to do this whole eight page long form talking about what my project's like and saying that I'm not recruiting minors, etc.

Okay, whatever. They're human subjects, this is responsible research practice, okay.

Here's the kicker: before I'm allowed to do this research, I have to take a class on how to do responsible research. A class. It's a 10-week thing, a whole quarter.

The problem?

The research I need to do is for a class I'm already enrolled in. I can't enroll in another class since I'm already 5 weeks into our quarter. And the class is a graduate students only class, and I'm a poor pathetic little undergraduate.

This means that my university is effectively stifling my creative research. For a class. That requires a research project. What?!

sparkles and guts [userpic]
First post~!
by sparkles and guts (bsafemydeers)
at October 27th, 2005 (09:39 pm)
current mood: accomplished

Just making the mandatory first post, the metaphorical smashing of the champagne bottle on the prow of the... erm... community.

Post away!

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